Understory, 2013

30″ x 30″



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Acrylic 30" x 30"

I write this on March 22, knowing there will be a day soon when all the dry, pale yellow leaves of the young beech trees in my back yard will be forced to drop by the emergence of new buds. The forest floor will be bright with the dusting of them–a sort of leafy snowfall. This painting is before that day–when the dried beech leaves are still hanging on. I took liberties with the colors, pumping them up, and the sky and ground turned into patchworks just as the understory did… I think I may have been channeling a quilter here.


7-UNDERSTORY IN FOG_basic_NEW_cc_P1040919

When I started “Understory”, it was intended to be subdued in color. But it just demanded color from me as it evolved. Later, after taking a walk though foggy woods I was able to revisit the theme and follow up on that initial color intention with the painting “Understory In Fog”.

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